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Питьевой йогурт МАРУСЯ

Победитель конкурса «Лучшая продукция года – 2010»

Для тех, кто будет лучше нас!

About the company

MARUSYA is a new and dynamically upcoming brand founded on the conception “Design Clothes for Children”.


Owing to creative collaboration of its own studio MARUSYA and Design Studio Italy, Milan on the collection elaboration and the goods manufacturing in the Belarusian  territory , the company has an opportunity to supervise constantly and hourly all the manufacturing process: from the designer's idea to a complete collection's embodiment and its introduction to the trade.


High quality, innovative approach, weekly outlet of the collection and a possibility to supply shops with the goods regularly, wide range of goods, MARUSYA's models' originality makes it possible to get customers interested and surprised. All these factors always allow to offer something new and not to accumulate  big storage of the goods.


All the beautiful (because of children's high developed sense of taste and their demand for the clothes' nice outer looks, texture and colors) should be safe. So, MARUSYA uses only natural raw materials satisfying to all hydroscopic and hypoallergen norms. MARUSYA's Design clothes correspond to all the state standards and sanitary norms.


MARUSYA's goods have a reasonable compliance between the price and quality, this principle is supported by an efficient logistic policy and the company's staff's high professionalism.