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Питьевой йогурт МАРУСЯ

Победитель конкурса «Лучшая продукция года – 2010»

Для тех, кто будет лучше нас!

About the goods

 designs, manufacture and sell a complete assortment of  fashionable design clothes for children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years old.


The clothes from MARUSYA  is a design chick , the author's unique drawings, original manual decor, only natural textile and original company's accessories.


 The clothes from MARUSYA are  for children, whose parents are really concerned about their future — “The clothes for those, who will be better than we are!”. The clothes are not only suitable for children but also reflecting the grown up' status.


 The brand's symbol is a horse,  Marusya by name. It has a strong character and good sense of style.


 “The clothes from MARUSYA are for those boys and girls, whose parents are very loving. These clothes are waiting for being put on, when wearing them children go outdoors to play or visit their grandparents”.



 The clothes from MARUSYA “has been made up from the sky pieces, the sun, strawberry jam, the Dad's fairy-tale, the kitten's meowing, the Mum's cake, the triumphal goal, your precious wish, the dragonfly's wings, orange fragrance and smooth glass ball...”, —  MARUSYA's labels introduce its goods in this way .