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Питьевой йогурт МАРУСЯ

Победитель конкурса «Лучшая продукция года – 2010»

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Working conditions

MARUSYA - магазин

MARUSYA offers mutually advantageous collaboration and partnership in the following branches:
— franchise,
— dealer,
— the branch's shop owner,
— wholesale customer.


We invite to collaborate entrepreneurs ready to introduce MARUSYA's clothes in their towns and areas in the "company's children clothes shop" format under franchise condition or as a dealer or wholesale customer . The dealers are guaranteed to enjoy exclusive rights for their business in their territories.


Our partners are supplied with informational aid, printed, audio and video commercial, POS-materials.


All the company's shop's design elements have been developed and confirmed according to the trade mark's conception.


Order of the collection

The goods outlet has a form of collections (1 — 2 collections a week). This regularity allows to supply the shop continuously at the minimum assets turnover.


The placing an order is fulfilled on the reservation system. You should fill in the Order Form pointing the name and the date of the collection outlet, description, content, price per item with VAT, complete items’ pictures. You should indicate a necessary amount of items you have liked and send your order to the manager. The logistic-employee will process the data and will issue the order.


The show-room works in Minsk and Moscow.


Payment conditions

Prepayment of 100%, made on the goods shipment, which resolves the problem of your money “freezing”.